Lokaal Edel

As of December 25th, Vork & Mes will no longer be open daily as a restaurant. Gladly, our guests will be welcome at any time to visit Lokaal Edel, located in the beautiful monumental building ‘Het Sieraad’ in Amsterdam West. The cuisine is headed by Jonathan Karpathios, so you will find many typical dishes that familiarises you with Vork & Mes’ menu.

The harvest from the nursery in Aalsmeer as well as from the different gardens we own are included in the menu of Lokaal Edel and in the catering of Edel Events. This means that nature still determines the menu. It is a creative, time-consuming and organic process that starts with the selection of our seeds and never stops; Jonathan translates on your plate what he sees in nature.

Would you like to make a reservation? We are happy to accommodate your wishes here.